Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Final Word

To everyone who spent a little time visiting this blog….thanks! Hearing from you (and knowing that there were probably a few silent readers out there!) helped me feel less disconnected from home and, no matter how much I was enjoying my time in Bolivia, that was always a good thing.

My travels aren’t done for the summer (right now I’m in California visiting family and then I’m off on a family vacation in Montana), but I’ll be back in Baltimore on August 19 to get ready for the start of classes (and the last year of my Master’s!) on August 29.

In the meantime...I’m beginning work on a goal I’ve set for myself: to get ballet shoes for each of the 25 girls at Corazón del Pastor. While I’d like to get dancewear companies to donate shoes, they might not be willing to help. With that in mind, I’m considering the possibility of fundraising for the purchase of shoes. If you’d like to make a donation toward the purchase of ballet slippers (which usually cost about $15/pair) or if you have a connection to a dancewear company, please get in touch with me at meros.meghan@gmail.com. Your help would be very much appreciated! You can also check out the website for the foundation that runs Corazón del Pastor and Pedacito de Cielo: http://www.ninosconvalor.org/. There you can find information about the work of the organization as well as information about making other kinds of donations, including donations that can be used for dance, music, and art classes.

Chau for now!


A parade in celebration of the foundaton of La Paz.

One of the CDP girls enjoying a good book

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