Friday, July 15, 2011

Bolivian Mad Libs

You know those "Mad Libs" books?  The ones in which words have been left out of stories, articles, etc. and you have to fill in the blanks?  Well...we're going to play Mad Libs with the description of a gourmet chocolate.  The company that produces this chocolate, El Ceibo, is actually a cooperative and, judging from the very detailed and almost poetic desciption of their 77% dark chocolate with cocoa nibs and salt from the Bolivian salt flats, they have a good advertising/PR person who knows English really well.

Part of the description follows.  You fill in the blanks.  Answers will be forthcoming.

This unique (noun) will surprise your taste buds.  As soon as you bite into the bar, a unique (noun) of (plural noun) and (plural noun) starts: the intense, smooth dark chocolate will (verb) with the crunchiness of the nibs and salt crystals.  The bitterness of the nibs enhances the intensity of the chocolate while the salt brings a feel of (noun) and (noun).


This comes from a banner I saw in Cochabamba, advertising a festival that celebrates three things: Duck, Chicha (a kind of alcohol made from fermented corn), and ___________.  Think hard...what would you celebrate along with with duck and alcohol?

Last week, the girls took turns doing my hair
and I ended up with about 5 different styles in 1 hour.

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