Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Tale of a Cake and My Face

Once upon a recent time, a woman named Meghan went to Bolivia.  She hoped the people there would be nice and, indeed, they did seem very nice!  Some of her new friends even took her out for lunch and dessert on June 15th, her 25th birthday, but the celebration did not end there for the following Sunday, one of Meghan's housemates made a journey to "Dumbo," the restaurant/bakery/ice cream parlor in downtown Cochabamba named after the same loveable elephant who once appeared in Disney movie, to purchase a birthday cake.  Later that evening, Meghan, her housemates, two Maryknoll sisters and a Maryknoll lay missionary sat down to enjoy their dessert, but the Maryknollers, so influenced by Bolivian culture which dictates pushing a person's face into their birthday cake, hatched an evil plan (*see disclaimer below) to push Meghan's face into her own cake!  And so it came to pass.  You can see the pictures below.  The end.
*Disclaimer: For the purpose of telling a good story, Meghan likes to blame the cake and face incident on the Maryknollers, but Meghan actually thought sticking her face into a cake sounded like fun.

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